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Soorah Fatiha Alhamd 2x3 ft persian rug no. 2095

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Product Description

Allah has 99 names as in the Quran. The names define the salient charactersitics of Almighty Allah Taala, Exclusive artisans are chosen to make the Arabic rugs who have a bit knowledge of Arabic Verses and can understand the zair zabars. Knot by knot the carpet is woven on the handloom to create masterpiece for the Muslim wall hangings. 99 names of Allah rug is mostly available in ready stock in colorful combinations with Black, red, white, beige border colors, however, they can b customised for yr colors but will take 3 months time for the order to complete They are mostly handknotted in sizes 2x3 ft, 2.5x4 ft, and 3x5 ft Its a unique product from the house of Rugshug

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 Katy Nebhan, Australia.

We have made a number of purchases from Gabaorientals and have been extremely happy with every single product! We highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for style, quality and excellent customer service...More

 Mr Abdul karim, Dubai

We purchased a double knot carpet from net from Gabaorientals worth US$ 1995 in 2010 . It is fantastic in use and even shines like new today. Its really worth it, we are happy to have purchased it . We are writing this on special request of Mr Gaba of Gabaorientals.com...More