About Us

RUGSHUG was incorporated in 2011 with a single viewpoint; to extend a hand of help to the poor artisans living in the deprived areas of pakistan and afghanistan. The company has a wide range of hand picked top selected hand knotted rugs and kilims which are mostly sold in USA, Europe and 40 other countries . As we know Sub continent is a hub of oriental rugs, and its a cherished heritage , we have a massive collection of Persian Silk, contemporary, Kilims, Afghan Baluchi, Bokhara, Kazzak, Navajo, and even collection of imported Turkish and chines rugs that are in trend. We also have direct connections with weavers and suppliers and stockists fromwehre the carpets can be sourced and even customised .
Our commitment to providing customers with the highest quality products, services, and exceptional customer experiences is demonstrated in our easy-to-use website and 24/7 customer service. We owe to provide customers with the highest quality handmade rugs and carpets for the lowest prices. . Our business philosophy is geared towards making authentic, hand-knotted rugs accessible to as many people as possible.
Our motto defines us the best         " A world under your feet "